The Town of Ballston's Comprehensive Plan was developed by, voted on, and reflects the will of the residents. The members of the town board must uphold the wishes of the residents AND the intent of the Comprehensive Plan to keep Ballston's most precious asset. It's character.

We expect competent leadership in our town government.   Will you be satisfied with continued bungling such as the failed sewer projects and costly lawsuits against our town?

Let's work together to ensure that:Town of Ballston Sign

  • Residents re-gain their right to choose Ballston’s future
  • Our elected officials operate openly and fairly

Will you choose a Town Board that works for you and not developers?

Let's work together to ensure that we:

  • Control excessive development and traffic
  • Keep open spaces
  • Support small businesses
  • Reduce spending
  • Preserve rural beauty by supporting agriculture
  • Encourage reasonable growth
  • Avoid a highway tax
  • Protect our wetlands & waterways

Meet the Team

The candidates will continue to work hard for you! It's important that the residents voice is reflective in our town's elected officials.   We encourage you to learn more about them.

Eric Connolly

For Town Supervisor

Full Bio

Schenectady School Teacher
Successful Entrepreneur
Resident's Advocate

Charles Curtiss

Town Council Member

Full Bio

Successful Businessman
Current Town Councilman
Fair Board Member

Peter Solberg

Town Council Member

Full Bio

IT Professional
Member of FLPPC
Rural Preservation

Help us...

We need your help in the preservation of our rural community!   Volunteer or donate to the cause.

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